You may now install Notes Import Export Library on the latest 32-bit versions of the HCL Notes client

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Nov 24th, 2023: A new release of Notes Import Export Library (IEL) has been released, allowing you to install IEL to the latest versions of the HCL Notes client

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Using the latest and greatest version of the HCL Notes client? Now IEL can install properly onto HCL Notes client 11 and 12 too.

This version also fixes some small problems with file names and links pointing nowhere :-)


Are you using 1010music Blackbox? The Blackbox Buddy can be of help when you reorganize the content on the microSD-card

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1010music Blackbox is a tremendous little sampler!

However, if you want to reorganize the content of the microSD-card, such as move your sound packs and samples around, you quickly find out that your Blackbox-preset files does not play anymore. This  is also true for additional Ableton-presets that Blackbox has exported for you when you packed your projects. This can be illustrated like this:


The Voith’s CODE Blackbox Buddy (BBB) can help you keeping your file references within the presets, in sync with your moved sound assets. Head over to the BBB-home page for more information on this free tool!


Important fix to Notes Import Export Library if you have percent-symbols in column-names

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Aug 4th, 2020: A new release of Notes Import Library (IEL) has been released, fixing a bug with percent-symbols in field- and column names

If you had an Excel-spreadsheet with column-headers containing percent-symbols (like for example "Whatever %" or "% Complete"), IEL would have problems saving and loading Import- or Export Specification files. If you didn't save specification file, the import- or export, worked as designed.

The symptom of problem with percent-symbols, was that IEL couldn't map the fields properly when you loaded the specification files.


Important fix to Notes Import Export Library if you work with time/date fields

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May 7th, 2020: A new release of Notes Import Library (IEL) has been released.

If you have imported Excel spreadsheets containing time/date cells -and- used the "English (United States)"-regional settings in Windows, you might have experienced trouble importing time/date cell values. This release fixes and robustifies the handling of time/date cell values even further across any region-setting.


Minor fix to the installer of Import Export Library to properly detect HCL Notes 11

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May 5th, 2020: A new release of Notes Import Library (IEL) has been released. This time the changes only lies within the installer itself, as it contained a bug prohibiting the installer to detect HCL Notes 11 on your computer. The symptom was that you didn't see any valid Notes clients during installation. It should like this when you install IEL;

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Above you see that HCL Notes is detected properly.


New release of Import Export Library (IEL): Ready for HCL Notes Version 11

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January 2nd, 2020: A new release of Notes Import Library (IEL) has been released. At December 20th, 2019, HCL made the new Notes and Domino version 11 available. Welcome HCL!

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This version of IEL should install fine with the new HCL Notes Client Version 11.


New year - and new version of Import Image 2 Lotus Notes

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January 2nd, 2020: Release of Import Image 2 Lotus Notes (II2LN) is out. The II2LN Command Line Client has been revamped to accept parameters in a bit more streamlined fashion. No need to remember the different switches such as -targetpath and -target, unless you want to! This means that the command sequence is now:

ii2ln.exe <sourcefile or wildcard> [optional targetfile] [optional import options] [optional switches]

This makes it extremely easy to convert an image file from one format to another. For example you can convert a jpg to png with this command:

ii2ln MysourceImage.jpg MyTargetImage.png

The rotateexif-switch has also been fixed, so it first check the EXIF Orientation on your image and then "normalizes the orientation". II2LN also set the EXIF Orientation correctly if image is rotated. This way you will never have issues with orientation again. The following command normalizes the orientation for all images in the current folder.

ii2ln *.* -rotateexif

ii2ln *.* -re (do the same thing as above, with the abbreviated switch for rotateexif)

Remember that you can add the -recursive switch to process images in all subfolders too.

II2LN's ability to grab web-pages has also been updated to accept https.Simply use and URL instead of a source file, such as:

ii2ln vcode.jpg

... to grab the complete content of the specified n to the target file vcode.jpg. Remember, you can combine this will other import options too, to grab for example, just a piece of the web page. The command below grabs the logo-part from the previous web page:

ii2ln vcode.jpg "SetWebGrabClipRect:420,860,300,250"


Import Image 2 Lotus Notes - prepared for HCL Notes 11

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December 5th, 2019: Today a new version of II2LN has been released. First and foremost, it has been prepared for the upcoming new version of Notes, the HCL Notes version 11. Note that II2LN will not run on HCL Domino 11 as it will only be shipped as a 64-bit application. In addition a bug has been fixed regarding the import-option AddVariable, meaning that you now can use your own variables fully with ReplaceWithVariable.


New release of Import Image 2 Lotus Notes - running better on Windows 10 with a updated DXL-processor

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September 3rd, 2018: Release of Import Image 2 Lotus Notes (II2LN) is out. First of all is every file in the package signed with updated certificates, meaning that Windows 10’s SmartScreen won’t make II2LN stumble on Windows 10. In addition a new and updated internal DXL-processor works even faster behind the scenes. Happy image importing.


New release of Import Export Library (IEL) - a small bug fix

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March, 23rd. 2018: Today a new bug-fix version of IEL was released. Another bug with key-updates were discovered. Thanks Larry B!. Head over to the IEL product page for more details!


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