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New year - and new version of Import Image 2 Lotus Notes

Category Import Image 2 Lotus Notes
January 2nd, 2020: Release of Import Image 2 Lotus Notes (II2LN) is out. The II2LN Command Line Client has been revamped to accept parameters in a bit more streamlined fashion. No need to remember the different switches such as -targetpath and -target, unless you want to! This means that the command sequence is now:

ii2ln.exe <sourcefile or wildcard> [optional targetfile] [optional import options] [optional switches]

This makes it extremely easy to convert an image file from one format to another. For example you can convert a jpg to png with this command:

ii2ln MysourceImage.jpg MyTargetImage.png

The rotateexif-switch has also been fixed, so it first check the EXIF Orientation on your image and then "normalizes the orientation". II2LN also set the EXIF Orientation correctly if image is rotated. This way you will never have issues with orientation again. The following command normalizes the orientation for all images in the current folder.

ii2ln *.* -rotateexif

ii2ln *.* -re (do the same thing as above, with the abbreviated switch for rotateexif)

Remember that you can add the -recursive switch to process images in all subfolders too.

II2LN's ability to grab web-pages has also been updated to accept https.Simply use and URL instead of a source file, such as:

ii2ln vcode.jpg

... to grab the complete content of the specified n to the target file vcode.jpg. Remember, you can combine this will other import options too, to grab for example, just a piece of the web page. The command below grabs the logo-part from the previous web page:

ii2ln vcode.jpg "SetWebGrabClipRect:420,860,300,250"