How to Purchase

Voith's CODE uses PayPal to process payments over internet. All major credit cards are accepted. Special arrangements can be handled, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have a non-standard payment-request. This includes standard bank wire transfer.

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How to pay ?

On each products purchase page above, you will see dedicated PayPal-"Buy now" buttons, with appurtenant text boxes where you can enter your Notes or Domino names. Specify the names on format Name/Organization, like John Doe/ACME.

What happen when you are registered ?

As soon as Voith's CODE has received confirmation from PayPal, we will issue a registration key to be inserted into your purchased product. The registration key will be sent to the registered e-mail address typically within 1-2 working days. The registration e-mail contain detailed information on how to use the supplied registration key. You will get access to a download-page where you can download your registration key.

Pricing and ordering

The license is tied to either you as a person, your server or your Domino-site. A short description of these terms follows;
Single user license Install the registration key on as many computers you own and use, meaning that you may have the product registered on both your workstation and the laptop at the same time. The registration key is tied to your Notes user name, stored in your This means that if you register the product to the Notes user name "John Doe/ACME", the product will behave as registered on all machines on which the containing "John Doe/ACME" is used.
Server License This license is tied to a single Domino server name, such as "NotesSrv1/ACME". This means that the product will run on the server. This is useful for products like Import Image 2 Lotus Notes which may run in an background agent on a scheduled basis., A server license will also have a complimentary, personal single user license created.
Site License This license is tied to the organisation-part of Notes User- or Domino server ids, such as /ACME. This means that the product will run on any workstation, laptop or server within the same Domino organisation.


Starting from October 2011 new products, such as Notes Import Export Library, must be renewed at the specified intervals. The product will not stop working in any way, but you will not be entitled to free upgrades.
How to Purchase