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II2LN released

Category Import Image 2 Lotus Notes
Import Image 2 Lotus Notes (II2LN) , has been released. With the new Reflection Import Option, you can now add cool, web 2.0'ish reflections to your images;
A picture named M2

Additionally you convert images from one format to another with ConvertImage. This is a completely free-standing function, which can be called without creating or modifying Notes documents at all. It is thus great to use when you want to convert images outside Notes documents. Note that ConvertImage doesn't bring the ordinary import options into play, which means that it is as fast as can be. Use the ProcessImage  if you want to convert images and  process them with import options. Other news in this release is the better support for 32-bits PNG, TIF and TGA images and transparency. Check out the downloadable CHM file for the news.