Find and correct file- and folder names with invalid characters

This tool will read the specification in the xml file and scan paths accordingly for file- and directory names containing invalid characters. The list of invalid characters can be modified in the xml configuration file, both for file- and directory names.

By default the tool won't make any modifications to the files or directories, but only report what issues it finds. If you want to modify (ie rename the folders and files according to the maps in the configuration file) the names, you must specify the parameter MODIFY such as;

FileAndFolderNameValidator MODIFY

As for other command line tools, you may redirect the console output to a file by using the redirect symbol >;

FileAndFolderNameValidator MODIFY >Report.txt

Latest version:
Note that the tool is only Win32 and Unicode, meaning that you must have Windows XP or Vista and newer for Windows clients, and Windows NT 4 and newer for Windows servers.