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New version of Import Export Library ready

Category Import Export Library

The Notes Import Export Library (IEL) has been updated with some requested features.

  • You can now double click on any saved import- or export files (file types .vci or .vce respectively) to launch the import- or export job directly. This is nice if you have a persistent job that you want to perform regularly. Note that this version launches the job instantly without pausing. Future versions may have optional parameters so you for example can override input- and output of the job, or see a small description before you start the job.
  • Choose which Excel sheet you want to import from. In previous versions you needed to always have all data in the first sheet. Now you can choose!
    The chosen sheet name is also stored in saved job files.
  • Have a lot of fields to map, and tired of manually locating the corresponding fields in the field maps? Now you can easily right click any field name in either field map and choose “Locate similar field”;
    This feature will then locate the matching field, either by exact name match or by soundex-similarity. Hopefully this makes it easier to locate fields in huge field lists.

This version also contain several small bug fixes, and now Unicode strings won’t be prematurely chopped off anymore! Happy importing/exporting!