01. List Fields showing one document - Note the extensive field list

02. Customizable columns - show as much info as you want

03. The Information Pane with current Database, Document and Field details

04. Edit field content directly - here a text field is changed

05. Change field type directly

06. Edit field content - here we change a time-date field list

07. Change field flags directly

08. Two documents beeing compared - note how different fields are red-lined

09. List Fields automatically detects if a document is a replication or save conflict

10. List Fields display a replication conflict - note red-lined fields and the details below

11. Note how you easily can let one document become the winner

12. Get info on known field names. List Fields knows a lot

13. Get to those imbedded OLE objects - as well as attachments - and save them to file

14. Get to those inline, imbedded images that once was pasted - save them to file